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Mishka Kapoor is presently working as an eBook Developer for an Indian based eBook Conversion Services providing company . She has completed her graduation in IT from Delhi University and is a resident of New Delhi itself. She is a very happy go lucky type of personality but is very dedicated towards her work. When she is not working on eBooks she prefers to read and write articles and blogs. Her blogs and articles will provide you information on the latest eBook trends in the market. Follow her on twitter and like her on Facebook.

What Is the Need to embrace ePub Conversion Services in India?

ePub Conversion Services India - Digital.xpertsinfosoft.comePub conversion services are revolutionizing the world of publishing. Authors and publishers are enjoying the world of ePub. Now our upcoming authors and even the existing authors prefer outsourcing their conversion to ePub in India rather than paying attention for getting their books printed. All this will not only help authors in saving their money but all this is also helping publishers in saving their valuable time.

This modern publishing is affecting traditional method of publishing in fact it has almost replaced the traditional publishing. The facts that get mirrored from these recent studies indicate that Amazon selling eBooks more than any other thing is available on their shopping sections. The number of people who used to order for paperback books has also fallen down.

When we talk about eBook Conversion Services and their increasing trends in India, this means that it must be having great amount of benefits that you cannot ignore after seeing their popularity.

Some of the dominant features among them include:

• eBooks are cheaper as compared to the paper books both for publishers as well as for the buyers. There is no need to destroy nature for an enormous amount of paper, taking the headache of printing processes and shipping processes.
• You just need an internet connection for uploading and downloading your eBooks.
• You do not have to remove your lovely showpieces from your showcases in order to keep your books there. Paper books are spacious and demands a lot of space in your home. But these eBooks; you can keep as many books you want in a single gadget. No space required more than your gadget would ask for.
• Most of the converters are smart enough to create eBooks which are compatible with multiple screens of handheld devices and this will further ease your reading processes.
• The interesting graphics and writing styles, videos and the audio elements make these eBooks highly interactive. This enhances your reading experience and you will definitely love reading these books.
• Because the present generation is very techno savvy and this gives them a wider base to reach without spending much of pennies.

When you work with the best PDF to ePub Conversion in India, they will offer you a complete pool of dedicated professionals who are skilled in diverse activities which are related to these services like quality controllers, proof readers, in-house editors and others.

At the end I would only say that you can enjoy unmatched combinations of flexibility, affordability, improved reading experience and ease of access by outsourcing to the companies providing the best eBook Conversion Services in India. All you want is you have to be very sure about the services you are going to hire.


How to Self-Publish a Kindle eBook?

Self-Publishing an eBookOhh finally you have completed your first novel! So are you ready to get it published? You must be feeling accomplished with the completion of your book but what is the next step that you have to take? If we look back then the only way to make your books reach your potential readers is by getting them published in a hard copy book and selling it through book shops. But with the passage of time and the advancement in the technology, things have changed to the point where one has never thought of. This is the era of eBooks. Do you know what eBooks are?

eBooks are the books that are not available in the paper form but they are available on your advanced and modern gadgets. You do not have to carry a weight along with you instead you can have your book in your device only. Isn’t it amazing? Now the question how to publish your eBook yourself? Well the best option is you should get your eBook published yourself because it is very difficult to find a publishing agent.

Self-publishing offers you greater returns on your investments when we talk about royalties. Publishing companies will offer you smaller royalties as compared to publishing your own work. You might have to pay a small amount of fees to be paid to the self-publishing companies.

What things you need to consider before Publishing?

When you have decided to self-publish your book there are a number of things that you have to consider before you upload your eBook to your chosen publisher. You have to decide on the final version of your manuscript. You have to be very sure that your manuscript is ready for publishing. You have a single chance to impress your readers, you would not get any second chance for making an impression on your readers. So before deciding to send it to publishing, make sure that your book is fully edited and is ready to get published.

Editing your manuscript

Before finalizing the things you have to make sure that your manuscript is ready and is without any mistakes. But this is a fact that you cannot review or correct your work yourself. Investing some pennies for the services of a professional editor will work the best for you. It would sound a bit funny that you have to ire the services that will find your errors and will ask you to correct them and you have to pay for it. It is difficult to see flaws in your work but getting a pair of experienced eyes on your insight will definitely improve your manuscript.

Book Cover

Even though you are going to publish an eBook but still you need to have an attractive and eye catching eBook cover. Your cover will attract your audience and will make them search why they need to read your book.

Promotional Material

It is obvious that when you are doing something you need to advertise it. You have to promote it to reach people and making them to buy your eBook. Creating a marketing plan is your first step to succeeding as a self-published author. Marketing means creating and building an audience for your books.